Privacy Policy

Subject of the contract:

CackleChat is a messaging application that lets you to send text messages, photos and videos that are encrypted and self-destroying, following a timer set by the sender.
This agreement relates to the use of the application service called CackleChat. Through the general conditions set out below defines and regulates the contractual relationship between CackleChat, as the owner of the site and dealer / service manager application called Cacklechat and users.
The using system of application for mobile phone and smartphone is based on software developed directly by the company Cackle Limited.
Cackle Limited is the exclusive holder, on the national and international territory of service CackleChat, the logo, the interactive functions, design, script and graphics.
You may be held in any case the only responsible for the use of the application service CackleChat.
The user must confirm, under its full and exclusive personal responsibility, to have at least sixteen years of age, or to be in possession of the consent of the parents or guardian, to be fully capable of understanding and will.

Registration to the service:

To access the application service CackleChat, registration is required for an account of inserting the credentials, such as:
• account name
• password
• email address
• telephone number

CackleChat Functionality:

The User, after registration and then after accepting our Privacy Policy, is able to:
• communicate with members of his phone book that have already downloaded the application.
• search for persons referred to know the username and then start a conversation.
• invite friends from the list in your phone book, to which he gave consent for access being recorded, but of which we do not keep any data.
• send text messages, encrypted photos and videos by setting a timer that varies from 5 seconds to 24 hours. After sending the message will disappear from these devices sender exactly after the chosen time period; the recipient will receive the message and after released it, will start the timer (set by the sender), when the timer comes to 0 the message will disappear and will not be ever recovered.
• block annoying users.

Using CackleChat:

CackleChat allows the user to send messages, pictures and video to the recipients selected from the contact list on the device, or inviting people of which they know the username.
The User is obliged to keep confidential account information and password and is responsible for all activity with your username.
The user may not use the application / service CackleChat for illegal or unauthorized purposes. In this case, Cackle Limited reserves the right to disable the user name and the service connected.
You may not in any way and for any reason to reverse engineer, alter or modify the application service CackleChat.

Rights and duties of CackleChat:

CackleChat collects information about users in order to provide the services of application, but does so in a safe and limited way. We not divulge to third parties, outside of the service provided, and used by the customer, the information entered by the latter at the time of registration.
CackleChat will have the right to access the information provided by the customer as well as the list of contacts and / or phone book content in the mobile device of the Customer or where necessary in order to give a proper service.
The server CackleChat store the encrypted messages that you send and receive only the necessary time to ensure delivery. After that will be permanently deleted and can not be recovered in any way.

Rights and obligations of the Customer:
In order to access the service CackleChat and your use of it, the User is obliged to accept explicitly, through a specific option made ​​available by the interface with the User, these terms and conditions which constitute a valid contract between User and Cackle Limited.
To access the service application CackleChat is therefore necessary to accept the Privacy Policy. In case of not-acceptance of the Privacy Policy You may not access and use the service application.
The Privacy Policy is considered accepted by the customer at the time of registering an account by entering the credentials of the client, such as a user name, a password, an email address and phone number.

Cackle Limited will not be held responsible in any way, the use by the user, the application CackleChat, for illegal purposes.

This Privacy Policy may be updated from time to time, for any reason. We will notify users when that happens. You should consult this Privacy Policy regularly for any changes.