How can I search for an user?
The search function allows you to look for a person by writing his exact username in the dedicated search bar under ‘Users’. For privacy reasons, you can’t search for users with a similar username.

Are my chats really secure?
Every communication made through CackleChat is transmitted using secure protocols and it’s encrypted with an hybrid system of known and affirmed algorithms.
Even in the difficult occurrence that someone will be able to intercept a communication, he will not be able to read it, and every modification will make it unusable.

Where are the messages stored?
Messages are stored only inside devices. When the timer expires or when the app is uninstalled, these are lost forever.
Messages are kept in the server just the time needed to send them to the recipient.

What is the PANIC function?
In case of emergency, you can select PANIC (inside the overflow menu ⋮ in the main window) to quickly kill the app.
Everyghin associated to your account will be deleted from the phone, like the stored session, settings, and existing messages.
Be careful: due to the nature of this function, there will be no confirmation screen and the process is not undoable!